Fisk Jubilee Singers in Tacoma

--by Kim Davenport Thanks in large part to the selection of Commencement Bay as the western terminus of the Northern Pacific railroad in 1873, Tacoma has witnessed visits by prominent musical soloists and ensembles throughout the city's history. Either through targeted searching or casual browsing, I have found fascinating coverage of performances here by a... Continue Reading →

Grunge Angst

by Christie Dixon I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1982 when I was fourteen years old. Like many teenagers I was interested in music and gravitated towards music my parents could not stand. It is a rite of passage for many of us! I enjoy various musical genres, but rock was my favorite. I... Continue Reading →

The Band Next Door

by Chelsie Morgan Allow me to take you back in time to arguably the best era of music: the year is 1983 and we are about 45 minutes south of Seattle (WITHOUT traffic) in a smelly yet endearing port city called Tacoma. Practicing in their parents’ garage off 56th St., a new band has been... Continue Reading →

DJ Phinisey

-by Francine Ruth Today we feature a sultry voice born and raised in our own Tacoma. Known for vivacious beats, smooth rhythm, and producing talent, Phinisey. Born DuWayne Phinisey began his interest in music while attending Pacific Lutheran University's (PLU) music program for opera. Phinisey even performed as an opera singer with the Tacoma Opera... Continue Reading →

Celebrating The Sonics

-by Maria Ruiz One of the most influential bands to come out of Tacoma has definitely got to be The Sonics. They are responsible for paving the way for garage rock and punk rock music that began in the seventies and prevailed in the nineties. The Sonics were a rock band formed in 1960. The... Continue Reading →

Tacoma and The Rise of Grunge

-by Tobias Daugherty Welcome to the Pacific Northwest: home of stunning landscapes, a constant drizzle of rain (if we believe the portrayals in movies and media), five active volcanoes, and the birthplace of the grunge music movement. It’s no surprise that the state of Washington birthed this gritty, self-aware, and often experimental genre, considering the... Continue Reading →

Hip-Hop Legacy at the Tacoma Dome

-by Braulio Aguayo Munoz  Since the opening of the Tacoma Dome on April 23, 1983, it has hosted at least 500 concerts, with many more to come. It has hosted the likes of David Bowie, ACDC, Elton John, Aerosmith and many more. Yet we’re focusing on a whole different genre: hip-hop. The Tacoma Dome in... Continue Reading →

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