Grunge Angst

by Christie Dixon I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1982 when I was fourteen years old. Like many teenagers I was interested in music and gravitated towards music my parents could not stand. It is a rite of passage for many of us! I enjoy various musical genres, but rock was my favorite. I... Continue Reading →

Tacoma and The Rise of Grunge

-by Tobias Daugherty Welcome to the Pacific Northwest: home of stunning landscapes, a constant drizzle of rain (if we believe the portrayals in movies and media), five active volcanoes, and the birthplace of the grunge music movement. It’s no surprise that the state of Washington birthed this gritty, self-aware, and often experimental genre, considering the... Continue Reading →

Nirvana’s Tacoma Connections

-- by Kim Davenport For her final paper in my Musical History of Tacoma class at UW Tacoma, student Kaisa Cannon decided to explore her father's favorite band, Nirvana, and determine whether the band typically associated with Seattle had any roots in Tacoma. Even a casual devotee of the grunge group would likely guess the answer... Continue Reading →

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